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  • MU and BECTU Presents: Feeling Good? Mental health and wellbeing in the creative industries.

    We know that there are issues with mental health and wellbeing across the creative industries, as identified in recent work by the Senedd Culture Committee, Bectu, and the Musicians’ Census project, among others. CULT Cymru has been offering training and support to creative workers across Wales since 2008, with a particular focus over the past few years on projects developing wellbeing facilitators and mental health first aid training. This panel will explore those issues and projects, with practical advice on how people working in the creative industries can stay healthy and the support that unions, charities, and employers can offer.

    Beacons Presents: Reel Revolution: Did TikTok kill the video star?

    In an era dominated by the short, snappy allure of TikTok, the music industry is facing a momentous question: Do artists still need traditional music videos, or should they be investing in bite-sized, attention-grabbing reel content? 

    Join us for a marketing talk that delves into the shifting landscape of music promotion, for the next wave of young creatives. Explore whether the future of music marketing lies in the swift allure of reels, promising a fresh way for artists to connect with their fans and catapult their careers in this age of viral sensations.

    Whether you’re an artist looking to connect to a new audience, a manager/label looking for the best return for your artist or a videographer trying to give the best possible value for your client; then this talk is for you.

    Cardiff University Presents: Pūtahitanga: Music, identity, and language in Cymru and Aotearoa

    Since May 2023, academics from Prifysgol Caerdydd (Cardiff University) have been speaking to artists from Cymru (Wales) and Aotearoa (New Zealand) who use Cymraeg (Welsh) and te reo Māori (the Māori language) in their work. They have found points of connection between their experiences, particularly around the ways in which their use of language affects their sense of identity and their opportunities for collaboration within their home countries and beyond. In this panel, Elen Ifan and Joe O’Connell from Prifysgol Caerdydd will present some of their research findings and artists who have been involved with the project, including Katie Hall (CHROMA), will discuss how these issues affect their creativity and career. 

    LIVE Presents: Meet the Agents

    Hear first-hand from some of the UK’s most exciting booking agents about the forever-changing landscape of touring inside and outside of the UK, and what this could look like for future agents, artists, and audiences.

    PRS for Music and  PPL Presents: Get played get paid

    PPL collects and distributes money on behalf of performers and recording rightsholders (e.g. record companies and self-releasing artists) for the use of their recorded music when it is broadcast or played in public. Similarly, PRS for Music collect and distribute money on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers, for the use of their musical compositions and lyrics. Join us to hear about how you can make money from your music.

    Shifting Paradigms: Navigating the Future of Music Journalism

    This panel delves into the evolving landscape of music journalism, exploring its present challenges and potential futures. We dissect the impact of technological shifts and app-driven changes in consumer behaviour, questioning whether the symbiotic relationship between major publications and A-list stars perpetuates a flattery death-spiral, and whether hobbyism is the only viable option in an era of shrinking revenues. Central to our discussion is the pivotal query: Does traditional press still break artists, or has the paradigm fully shifted to digital marketing and content? As we examine these dynamics, we contemplate whether music journalism has melded into the ambiguous contours of publicity, pondering its future role and relevance in the industry.

    MMF Presents: Building your grassroots community business at home and away

    Join MMF UK and MMF Canada as they host this panel exploring the current challenges of gigging and touring, and new opportunities in creative collaboration and audience development for grassroots talent. The panel will probe questions about who is investing in grassroots, how changes at the top could have massive impacts for growing, as well as innovative ways people are getting music to audiences.  

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