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  • Beacons Presents: Reel Revolution: Did TikTok kill the video star?

    In an era dominated by the short, snappy allure of TikTok, the music industry is facing a momentous question: Do artists still need traditional music videos, or should they be investing in bite-sized, attention-grabbing reel content? 

    Join us for a marketing talk that delves into the shifting landscape of music promotion, for the next wave of young creatives. Explore whether the future of music marketing lies in the swift allure of reels, promising a fresh way for artists to connect with their fans and catapult their careers in this age of viral sensations.

    Whether you’re an artist looking to connect to a new audience, a manager/label looking for the best return for your artist or a videographer trying to give the best possible value for your client; then this talk is for you.