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    CLASH Magazine
  • Paty Carrera (Control Freaks Music, Mexico)

    Paty Carrera has been deeply involved in music supervision, licensing and music consulting for high-caliber audiovisual productions that have reached renowned platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney and HBO. She dedicated her professional life to the exciting world of copyright and related rights, always with the aim of safeguarding the interests of artists and authors.

    She collaborates closely with music producer Phil Vinall and manages affairs for artists such as Beto Cuevas, Ely Guerra, Enjambre, Pato Machete, among others. Her approach goes beyond simple rights management; she seeks understanding and genuine collaboration.

    Her experience also translates into her contribution to workshops, panels and educational programs that she has developed in various countries. From the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to Primavera Pro, Paty has shared her knowledge, while keeping an attentive ear to innovations and trends in the sector. At its core, he combines his vast experience with a practical and contemporary approach, ensuring that his work is always in tune with the current needs of the entertainment world.