• ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’

  • Nicole Sarmiento (SONIK Philippines)

    Nicole Sarmiento is a dynamic force in the Philippine music industry, with a multifaceted career that spans event management, artist management, marketing, and music export. Currently serving as the Music Export Director of Sonik Philippines and the Artist Solutions and Music Marketing Director of Homonym Philippines, Nicole brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her roles.

    With a rich background that includes founding and leading Red Ninja Production as CEO for 12 years, Nicole has been instrumental in shaping the live music landscape in the Philippines. Her contributions extend beyond mere event organization; she has created and curated festivals such as the renowned Red Ninja Year Fest, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s music scene.

    Nicole’s impact reaches beyond the borders of the Philippines, as she spearheads music export initiatives aimed at showcasing Filipino talent on the global stage. Her strategic partnerships with iconic brands like San Miguel Philippines, Jameson, and Jack Daniel’s have not only elevated the profile of local artists but have also fostered vibrant cultural experiences for audiences worldwide.

    A champion of artist development and marketing, Nicole has played a pivotal role in launching and managing numerous bands, nurturing their talents and guiding their careers to success. Her unwavering commitment to advancing the Philippine music industry underscores her dedication to empowering artists and fostering a thriving ecosystem of creativity and innovation.