• ‘an absolute smorgasbord of musical delights’

    Under The Radar Magazine
  • Lennon Williams (Anthem)

    creative professional with a deep-rooted interest for the music industry, reflected in my academic background and diverse professional experiences.
    Pursued a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Production and Performance, followed by a Master of Arts in Music Industry Management and Promotion.
    Served as an Executive Committee Member for the Festival of Music & Culture, with a tenure as the Music and Culture Project Coordinator with the University of Central Lancashire further highlights my ability to coordinate events and work alongside notable figures in the music industry.
    Worked as a freelance music journalist and contributions to platforms like Music Is To Blame, critically engaging with music and culture, offering insights into new music, software, gear, and live events.
    Received support from Beacons Cymru to make my project a reality, helping to further my knowledge of the industry and give me a new perspective, promote the idea of minimal house music, following the manifesto of ‘Less is More’. Focusing on simplicity, stripped-down arrangements, subtle changes, and repetitive rhythms for a unique night out.
    Lead a AI workshop for musicians through Beacons Cymru annual Summit event in Cardiff, empowered artists to connect with their audience in innovative ways and stay ahead of the curve in the music industry.
    My journey from a passionate student of music to a seasoned professional in music industry management and marketing is a testament to my dedication, creativity, and leadership in the evolving landscape of music and culture.