• ‘an astounding and diverse line-up’

    The Line of Best Fit
  • Brandon Cathcart (enjou, Canada)

    Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Brandon discovered his true
    passion in the world of music. Transitioning from a successful five-year
    career in forensic engineering, he co-founded enjou (fka Little Symphony
    Records) alongside his friends David and Andrea. With over a decade of
    experience in audio engineering, Brandon channels his expertise to
    enhance the label’s releases and provide quality neoclassical music to the
    Brandon’s keen interest in software development has been key in enjou’s
    success. He develops data-driven music tools for the label, leveraging his understanding of music marketing and the digital music landscape. As a cofounder,
    audio engineer, and software developer, he continues to explore innovative ways to navigate and contribute to the dynamic world of music.