• ‘One of the UK’s best festivals’

  • Arthur BLANC (The Link Productions, France)

    After three years spent studying at the British Institute of Modern Music in Brighton (UK), Arthur finally decided to head back to France and more precisely at Cold Fame : a booking agency, concert & festival promoter based in Lyon, FR. After a year and a half spent as the assistant of Jean-Noël Scherrer (CEO of Cold Fame / singer of Last Train), a global pandemy and a terrible lack of concerts were -sadly- needed for him to develop his career as a booking agent : first with W!ZARD (FR), then with Penelope Isles (UK), Paul Jacobs (CAN), Lysistrata (FR) for the rest of the world, PARK (FR) and MNNQNS (FR). He’s also a local promoter with « Les Messes » and co-programmer of La Messe de Minuit festival. He’s also been touring with Last Train since 2019 across many countries such as France, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Eastern Europe, all the way to the Reunion Island and New Caledonia, getting a profound understanding of the whole chain from booking a show, to actually being on the road. Following the shut down of Cold Fame, he now works remotely for The Link Prod and Lagon Noir, two booking agencies based in France, as well as being on the road as a guitarist for After Geography.